Preferences option allows you to adjust the main settings of DAEMON Tools USB. To configure the program, go to the toolbar and choose Preferences icon. This panel consists of three tabs.

General tab

General tab contains the main setting of the program.

  • Check for updates option makes DAEMON Tools USB to verify the availability of new updates from time to time.
  • Language drop-down list allows you to choose the language of program's interface that is the most convenient for you.
  • Connection tab

    Connection tab is used to set the options of proxy server, is proxy is used for updates. Here you need to define Host name and Port. Also you can enter login and password, if the authentication is necessary on the server.

    Server tab

    Server tab is used to define the Port, if this DAEMON Tools USB program is used as a server. The default port is 3270. Do not forget to let the client know the port, if it is not default, because otherwise client won't be able to connect to you.

    Note: Don't forget to click Apply button to save new settings or Close button, if you want to cancel the changes.