Sharing devices

Using DAEMON Tools USB, you can act like server and share devices, connected to your PC, with other users.

To share certain elements, go to the Local Devices tab, where all your devices are listed. Here you have two options:

  1. Choose one or several items from the tab and check Share option from item's contextual menu.
  2. Sharing

  3. Choose one or several items and click Share icon in the toolbar.
  4. Sharing

    If everything is OK, you will see "shared" comment in the State column of the Local Devices table.


    Now anyone, connected to our PC from DAEMON Tools USB, will be able to see and use this device:


    If someone is connected to the device, you will get "connected" comment in State column and the name of connected computer in Client column:



    If you don't want to share the device any more, you can easily unshare it from Local Devices tab. Go to the item's contextual menu and check Unshare option or click Unshare icon from the toolbar.


    The device was unshared. Now no one will be able to connect to it.

    Watch how DAEMON Tools USB operates as a server in our video guide.