Connecting to the devices

Using DAEMON Tools USB, you can connect to different servers and use the shared devices just like you use the devices, connected to your PC. To connect to the remote device, first you need to add a server on the Remote Devices tab.

  1. If the connection with server was successfully established, you will be able to see the list of devices, that are shared on the server side.
  2. Connecting to the devices

  3. Choose needed device and check Connect option from its contextual menu or Connect icon from the toolbar. Also double-click will connect you to the device.
  4. Connecting to the devices

  5. Selected device was successfully connected. Now you can see it among the connected devices and use like any other real device.

Connecting to the devices


If you don't want to use the device any more, you can disconnect from it. To disconnect from the device, go to its contextual menu and choose Disconnect option or click Disconnect icon from the toolbar. Also double-click on the device will disconnect you from it.

Connecting to the devices

Watch how DAEMON Tools USB acts as a client in our video guide.