Adding servers

Using DAEMON Tools USB as a client, you can connect to different servers and use the devices, shared on them. To add new server, you need to perform several easy steps:

  1. There are two ways to add server:
    • Go to the Remote Devices tab contextual menu and choose Add server... option.
    • Adding

    • Click Add server... icon from the toolbar.
    • Adding

  2. Enter name or IP-address and port of the server. Leave default 3270 port, if it wasn't changed on the server side.
  3. Adding

  4. The connection with server was successfully established. Now you can see the list of devices, that are shared on the server side.
  5. Adding

Removing a server

If you want to remove certain server, choose it and check Remove option from its contextual menu or Remove icon from the toolbar. Then confirm your decision in the pop-up dialog.


Watch how DAEMON Tools USB acts as a client in our video guide.