What kind of USB devices can be used in DAEMON Tools USB?

DAEMON Tools USB supports the wide range of USB devices, so any device that uses USB port to connect to your PC, can be shared in the program. Using DAEMON Tools USB, you can share printers, scanners, card readers, flash drives, webcams, digital cameras, keyboards, mice, joysticks and so on.

Why my USB device is not accessible from the program?

DAEMON Tools USB is compatible with many different devices, but it hasn't been tested with all of them. So sometimes the certain device can be inaccessible from the program. Please, check the network connection and server's properties to be sure that everything is correct, and if the device still isn't working, contact our Support Team to inform us about the problematic device.

Do I need two copies of DAEMON Tools USB in network to share the devices?

Yes. One instance will be server, and the second one will be client. On the server side you will be able to share the devices, and on the client side - to get the access to them.

What do I need to become a server, using DAEMON Tools USB?

Go to the Local Devices tab and share the device here.

What do I need to become a client in DAEMON Tools USB?

Go to the Remote Devices tab and add new server her. Then you will be able to connect to any device that is shared on the server.

Can I operate as a server and as a client simultaneously?

Yes, server and client sides are combined in one program, so you can share your devices on the Local Devices tab and use the devices from servers on Remote Devices tab at the same moment.

How can I try DAEMON Tools USB without buying it?

DAEMON Tools USB is available for free during the first 20 days.